How AI will Change the Status Quo in CX in 2022 – ECXO In partnership with Five9

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In partnership with Five9, the European Customer Experience Organization (ECXO) invites you to join, How AI will Change the Status Quo in CX in 2022 on February 23, 2 PM CET or 1 PM GMT, in a live conversation with Brian Atkinson, Vice President & GM, EMEA at Five9, Silvana Buljan, Joanna Carr (dip) and Ricardo Saltz Gulko. We invite you to this open-access webinar with 150 places available. Register in advance for this webinar: What you will learn:
  • The role of AI capabilities in delivering seamless experiences
  • Tips to maximize the ROI of AI in customer service
  • AI myths debunked and real-life AI success stories
  • Best practices to balance AI and the human touch in 2022
  • Open Q&A session
Register in advance for this webinar:

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