Customer Surveys are Dead! Learn how AI will replace them.

The European Customer Experience Organization the is delighted to introduce our upcoming event:  – ”Customer Surveys are Dead!” Gain invaluable insights into how AI is poised to revolutionize feedback mechanisms, led by industry top expert Maurice FitzGerald.

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During this presentation, participants will gain valuable insights about the Last Days of Surveys:

  1. Historical Context and Evolution of Measurement:
  1. Discover how AI revolutionizes Customer Experience (CX) productivity. Explore three CX measurement eras, from basic metrics to data-driven NPS, culminating in the transformative Customer Experience AI era. Learn how to harness its power, from manual testing to seamless automation, replacing outdated surveys.
  1. Three Eras of CX Measurement:
    1. Metrics Evolution: Understand the three distinct eras of CX measurement. With a wide range of metrics with limited predictive value, Maurice will guide you through the scientifically grounded Net Promoter Score (NPS) era, leading to the cutting-edge generation of Customer Experience AI. This marks a revolution in CX assessment.
  2. In-depth Understanding of CX and AI Connection:
    1. Practical Examples: Delve into practical examples to understand how these emerging technologies can serve as a precursor to fully automated models using AI.
  3. Transformation Challenges:
    1. Short Manual Testing: Learn to test using a specific tool manually. This hands-on exercise empowers participants before transitioning to a fully automated solution, providing insight into the survey’s final phase and dead day.
  4. Opportunities, Applications, and Challenges:
    • Positive Outcomes: Explore numerous opportunities and applications that these technologies bring. Learn how they enable detailed customer insights and precise financial predictions for every individual, rendering traditional surveys obsolete.
  • Challenges and Considerations: Understand the necessity of maintaining clean and accurate data within everyday company technology systems. This knowledge enables attendees to navigate potential hurdles effectively and decide the way forward.

This presentation offers a comprehensive understanding of the context, evolution, and practical steps to address potential AI challenges already impacting CX measurement and productivity alongside with tools and the last days of surveys.

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Who is Maurice?

Maurice FitzGerald is the former VP of Customer Experience for HP’s $4 billion software business and was previously VP of Strategy and Customer Experience as well as Chief of Staff for HP in EMEA. He and his brother Peter, an Oxford D.Phil in Cognitive Psychology, have written three books on customer experience strategy and NPS. Maurice is now Editor in Chief – Content, at OCX Cognition, a leader in the emerging Customer Experience AI space.

Facilitated by Ricardo Saltz Gulko, MD at Eglobalis and co-founder, among several esteemed colleagues, of the European Customer Experience Organization.

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