A true global CX organization needs to speak and understand cultures, languages and differences. ECXO understands you, fluently.

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The quickly growing European Customer Experience Organization (ECXO), understands its diverse community on a unique level.

We are a global community who thrives on celebrating everyone’s individuality and not creating a “one size fits all” approach.

Since customer experience is all about inclusion, diversity empathy, hyper personalization and understanding of every individual needs of employees, partners and customers and culture and CX maturity differentiation and uniqueness in each country.

We invite you kindly:

Join our open-access community for executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, CX practitioners, decision-makers, experience designers, designers, creative professionals, and influencers:  https://ecxo.org/individuals/

If you’re a business leader or a leading company who wants to gain more recognition, awareness, growth and impact in the CX market space, then let’s collaborate in Europe, Middle East, Africa and slowly  expanding worldwide.

We are the business community that aims to help educate all organizations and individuals about how to get CX Done properly, and adapting it for each business maturity level in different regions.

The European #CustomerExperience Organization believes that CX is an evolving subject, and we invite you to evolve with us –Together! An open-access community: https://ecxo.org/individuals/#CX #CXtransformation #cxo @five9 @ThunderheadONE #experiencedesign #innovation

 Whether your organization is thinking about developing your brand awareness around CX in Europe, connect and partner with a real multicultural and diverse customer experience organization. 

Where you will find excellent communication– tailored for each country/region of Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and beyond with local languages and cultural understanding.

 Talk with the ECXO

If your company is searching for potential organizations to Sponsor, invest, or create dynamic research, case studies and help to develop a global CX education unique program, together. That aims to impact the present and future of CX Leadership.

Then let’s talk and grow together.

We are creating the European story of a customer, partner, employee experience; let’s tell our stories together to the world collaborate with the ECXO.


Let’s Evolve with It — Together! https://ecxo.org/contact/


Here are our upcoming events:

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  • How AI will Change the Status Quo in CX in 2022 with Brian Atkinson at Five9 – Description —In partnership with Five9, the European Customer Experience Organization (ECXO) invites you to How AI will Change the Status Quo in CX in 2022 on February 23, 2 PM CET or 1 PM GMT, in a conversation with Brian Atkinson, VP & GM, EMEA at Five9. You are invited to the open-access webinar.



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