ecxo podcast 5

Experience the Difference: On the podcast of the European Customer Experience Organization (ECXO) this week, Nicolette Wuring joins our host, Christopher Brooks.

Hear Nicolette and Christopher here:

About Nicolette: Nicolette shares what years of practice, both client-side and as a consultant, have taught her. Like all the best CXers, she’s happy to share it all in conversation with ECXO podcast host Christopher Brooks. They discuss the importance of nurturing and growing the focus on the customer within a workplace to achieve more with colleagues and for customers.

About ECXO: The ECXO aims to bring you expert voices from across Europe, sharing their stories to inform and inspire others facing similar challenges. In this episode, we explore how to succeed with B2B CX. With experience in manufacturing and previous roles in companies that sell directly to consumers, Irina Mostovaya, a Customer Experience Specialist from Finland, shares the lessons learned from operating in B2B CX. In conversation with host Christopher Brooks, also a B2B CX specialist, they cover a range of topics such as the different approach needed to gain feedback from customers, the importance of functional partners within the business, and how to measure progress and contribution from CX.

As a community committed to understanding the differences in CX experiences in Europe compared to other continents, they also discuss the importance and relevance of the ECXO creating a sharing platform for CX practitioners across Europe.

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