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We believe that delivering a great pan-European customer experience (CX) can be hard and there is an opportunity to bring together leaders and organisations, operating in Europe and , so that they can share knowledge, best practice, insights, stories and lessons with a view to raising the collective experience and developing the European Customer Experience approach.

We believe this can be best achieved, in the first instance, through the creation of an online, open, professional, social network community where members, stimulated by ambassadors,curated experts and facilitated discussion, can work together to solve existing and future CX challenges in a practical and straight forward manner.

It is not about hearing from us what you should do but discussing and defining together the future of customer experience in our region and beyond. We invite you to evolve together.

Over time and as conditions allow we will evolve the online activity to include offline events. As we develop our education programs. 

It’s important to note that while the community’s meta-language will be English, we actively encourage discussions and the sharing of content in different languages. To facilitate that we have done two things:

  1. We have created country-focused spaces within the community platform; and
  2. We have identified and enrolled a series of country-focused Ambassadors to establish, nurture and develop those country networks.

These two things, we believe, will make our community more open, inclusive, diverse and richer in terms of the range of insight that is available to our members.

While our community is still relatively new we have been able to assemble an incredible team of Ambassadors that are committed to helping us develop and build this community. They have advised and served in different executive roles for companies such as ABB, Amdocs, Apple, Claro, Costa Coffee, Ericsson, EY Advisory, Freshworks, Hapag Lloyd, Intel, Lufthansa Group, Mazda, Jaguar Landrover, McKinsey & Co, Munich Re, MW Group, Oracle, Orange, Pega, Philips, Saint Gobain, Samsung, SAP, Shell, SK Telecom, Spring Corporation, Stihl, Trumpf, Unilever, Vodafone, VW, Zurich Insurance Group as well as many smaller and medium sized organizations.

However, we are always on the look out for new members that want to learn, share, contribute, collaborate, connect and play an active role both in the shaping, growth and development of our community and the future of experience.

Could that be you?



You are likely to be....

  • Employed as a leader, executive, entrepreneur, decision-maker or professional in a customer experience or customer facing role OR you are interested in learning more about how to improve experience across all domains.
  • An experienced independent/ freelance advisor, consultant, thought leader/influencer that is focused on helping organizations deliver improved service and experience.
  • Ambitious, open, eager to learn, to share, to network and to collaborate.
  • Interested in service, experience, design, marketing, insight, operations, brand and how we communicate with customers, employees and stakeholders. 
  • An individual that wants to learn and help evolve our knowledge about how to achieve customer centricity and improved customer outcomes.
  • Aligned with the ECXO’s values and community guidelines.

As an individual member, you will get to…

  • Be part of a European CX focused professional network.
  • Build your professional brand in the CX domain.
  • Build, maintain and manage a network of CX focused professionals.
  • Share and access information and data that helps you be more effective at what you do.
  • Participate in curated and facilitated discussions.
  • Discuss topics that are challenging your leadership, board and employees so that you are better equipped to find practical solutions.
  • Attend exclusive online and offline learning and networking events.
  • Participate in practical and certificated education programmes tailored for individual needs.
  • You can also help us to define the future of our education programme, a European CX approach, and CX across Europe and beyond.

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If you have any questions concerning membership or the community then please get in touch with us here.

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CX Consultant & Norway Ambassador
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