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The European Customer Experience Organization (ECXO) is launching a series of short practical sessions, each up to 20 minutes, to clarify how to achieve CX ROI and growth effectively. The first part will delve into: Mastering the Maze of CX Metrics & Money with Lynn Hunsaker, the CCO of ClearAction Continuum, facilitated by Ricardo Saltz Gulko. Join us on April 17th, 2024, at 4 PM CET | 3 PM GMT | 7 AM PST.

Post your questions now! It’s a short session. See you there.

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You’ll obtain practical answers on the following topics: How to connect CX metrics to financial outcomes? Feeling overwhelmed by calculations? CX metrics follow a sequence. Understanding this sequence makes it easy to demonstrate the CX-money connection—and most importantly, drive higher CX ROI. In this 20-minute live session, you’ll discover:

The CX metrics domino-effect

Which CX metrics to focus on

How to prove CX ROI

Post your questions now! It’s a short session. See you there.

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This session is facilitated by Ricardo Saltz Gulko, the Managing Director of Eglobalis, a global advisor in CX, Design, and Real Innovation, and the co-founder of European Customer Experience Organization (ECXO).

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