🎉 The European Customer Experience Organization (ECXO) is delighted to announce our first Linkedin live session in 2024:  🔍 The Yes Code: Cracking the Practical Side of AI-Empowered Customer Conundrum 🤖💼 with Lior Arussy at 📅 On February 7th at 2 pm CET – 1 pm GMT – 8 am EST

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🌟 Featuring one of the world’s leading authorities on customer experience, transformation, and change. Arussy is an experienced change practitioner, success accelerator, corporate culture expert, and founder of the design and transformation firm Strativity Group.

🚀 Over two decades, digital transformation has reshaped customer expectations, roles, and the very concept of value creation. Join us as we delve into four crucial dimensions:

1. 📈 Evolution of Customer Value: We will trace the evolution of customer value from the agrarian era to the Gen AI era, highlighting the profound shifts that have occurred along the way.

2. 🌐 The New Customer Personality: We delve into the concept of the “One and Only” customer, who, in the age of Gen AI, demands an entirely new level of co-created engagement.

3. 🤝 Engaging with the One and Only Customer: We will explore innovative strategies for engaging with this empowered customer, reimagining customer interactions that resonate with their individuality.

4. 💡 Inspiring and Creating Relevant Value: We’ll provide insights into methodologies for inspiring the One and Only customer and delivering value that is not just meaningful but also profitable.

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🎙️ Who is Lior Arussy?

🌐 A global authority on customer experience and transformation, Lior has catalyzed success for top brands worldwide. With 250+ global transformations and awards, Lior is a critical voice for achieving ultimate success.

📚 Notable Books: Next is Now, Exceptionalize it!, Customer Experience Strategy, among others.

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🌟More about Lior?

Called “a triple threat of transformation” by co-founder and founding editor of Fast Company William Taylor, Arussy is a unique, critical, global voice helping people worldwide achieve ultimate success.

Arussy has been involved in over 250 global transformations with some of the world’s top brands, as Mercedes-Benz, Delta Airlines, Royal Caribbean, BMW, Cadillac, Novo Nordisk, MasterCard, Thomson Reuters, HSBC, E.ON, SAP and Johnson & Johnson, and others,

👥 Session Facilitator: Ricardo Samuel Saltz Gulko ( ECXO ) , the Managing Director of Eglobalis.com, co-founder, and many other ambassadors of the European Customer Experience Organization (ECXO)

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