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As the European Customer Experience Organization (ECXO), we are building a community of leaders and organizations, operating in Europe and beyond, that are interested in improving both their customer and employee experience and related topics as to benefit of more exposure for their brands. Whether your organization wants to gain more exposure in Europe and beyond our regions as we grow and expand, you are in the right place.

Associated Brands

Media Partners

We are searching for brands that would like to establish potential media partnerships, collaborate with us, and are interested in obtaining more exposure by becoming an associated brand with ECXO.

Become an ECXO associated brand or choose a partner program:

  • Media Partnerships: We would be happy to have your company as our media partner with respected journals, websites, educational institutions, and other aligned organizations. In a mutual benefit basis.
  • Collaborative Partners: Organizations that would like more exposure in our region and wishes to explore potential collaboration in research, mutual events, by establishing educative initiatives for academic studies in Europe and for the ECXO community and your organization. Maybe your organization have a great idea, and we would like to hear that as well.
  • Strategic Partners: A mutual beneficial relationship between the ECXO and your enterprise, usually formalized by one or more business contracts with many mutual business objectives.
  • Academic Partnerships: The ECXO have a special interest in helping the top educational programs, universities or institutions to design their curriculum surrounding the subjects of customer and employee experience, innovation ignition and related areas. Specially with top educational programs, or explore conjoint research.
  • Associate Brands: Branding opportunities across the ECXO website. We understand that your brand needs more exposure around our region and believe that to be associated with us, can help your company to obtain that related to our domain in experience management. We can help you on that quest by providing more exposure for your company in our website. We will wait for your contact.

The ECXO provides unique an opportunity to build the brand of your organization in the European customer experience domain.

The ability to participate in subject-driven, curated, and facilitated discussions once a month and share your organization’s quality material to create specific topic discussions and raise the collective knowledge.

To help us achieve that we are building an online (web and app-based) community that is centred around the sharing of knowledge, best practice, insights, stories and lessons via a curated community content calendar, a series of virtual events (webinars, discussion groups) and the provision of courses and learning initiatives.

As conditions allow, we will also extend these activities to include offline events including but not limited to regional conferences, roundtables and local meet-ups and networking events.

It’s important to note that while the community’s meta-language will be English, we actively encourage discussions and the sharing of content in different languages. To facilitate that we have done two things:

  1. We have created country-focused spaces within the community platform; and
  2. We have identified and enrolled a series of country-focused Ambassadors to establish, nurture and develop those country networks.

These two things, we believe, will make our community more open, inclusive and richer in terms of the range of insight that is available to our members.

The development of our community will be aided and guided by our Country Ambassadors. They represent some of the keenest and most experienced individuals operating in the experience space in Europe.

To give you a flavour of their calibre they have advised and worked for companies such as ABB, Amdocs, Apple, Claro, Costa Coffee, Ericsson, EY Advisory, Freshworks, Hapag Lloyd, Intel, Lufthansa Group, Mazda, Jaguar Landrover, McKinsey & Co, Munich Re, MW Group, Oracle, Orange, Pega, Philips, Saint Gobain, Samsung, SAP, Shell, SK Telecom, Spring Corporation, Stihl, Trumpf, Unilever, Vodafone, VW, Zurich Insurance Group as well as many smaller and medium-sized organizations.

As a result, we would be happy to enter into a media partnership with respected journals, websites and other aligned organizations.


You are likely to be....

  • A respected journal, industry specific magazine/website, TV channel, association, newspaper or other media company that is looking for direct access and networking opportunities with industry newsmakers that are active in the experience domain.
  • Active within Europe with a desire to engage with professionals and brands that are also active in the European experience space.
  • Interested in building your brand’s exposure across Europe.
  • Interested in supporting online and offline ECXO community events at a local or international level.
  • Aligned with the ECXO’s values and community guidelines

What you will get....

  • Your logo promoted on our website and community platform.
  • Direct exposure of your brand to our community of senior industry executives and major sector players across Europe.
  • Increased brand awareness by inclusion in our membership and event marketing efforts.
  • Get access to our high-quality events with complimentary press passes.
  • The ability to generate quality editorial content for your publication based on our activities and events.
  • The opportunity to distribute your publications/assets at our events.
  • Exclusive membership discounts and offers for your readers/members.
  • Listing as a Media Partner on all marketing collateral related to the ECXO.
  • Dedicated link to your company website.

If you would like to explore a partnership opportunities then please get in touch with us using the form below. We will be in touch with you shortly to discuss the best options for your brand and your ambitions.

If you have any questions concerning membership or the community then please get in touch with us here.

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