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In partnership with SAS, the European Customer Experience Organization (ECXO) presents Reframing the B2B Engagement Journey. We are excited to invite you to join our live conversation with Emma Sutton, Kevin Scanlon, and Carlos del Corral on April 26th at 2 PM CET or 1 PM GMT.

Digital and Human engagement are where your company experience starts; let’s learn from the best companies how to do that right with your company flavor.

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This webinar will discuss the following points and will answer your questions that you can post upfront below on our Linkedin main event page.

-How to develop the so-needed emotional connection in your early engagement

-How to deliver and generate a great experience from the first digital and human interactions.

-How your teams can use data and analytics to understand their customers better and tailor their sales approach accordingly.

-How to create something unique for your B2B & B2C customer too?

-Expressing natural empathy in engagement B2B & B2C , is this not for all? How can your culture adapt?

”What are those companies doing differently during the initial journey after their initial digital and human experience?

Many other vital points, suggestions, and practical ideas to your company …AND…You can be part of the discussion by asking questions upfront or during the webinar.

Learn from the outstanding global companies, SAS, Oracle, and a small growing Finnish startup called Lumoa, which is also doing a great job in CX.

Who are our panelists?

Kevin Scanlon, Head of Global Customer Engagement Marketing at SAS.

Emma Sutton, Chief Experience Officer EMEA at Oracle.

Carlos del Corral, CEO at Lumoa.

ECXO Facilitation top Team:

Christopher Brooks , a Global Customer Experience Consultant and Managing Director of international CX practice Lexden CX | Customer Experience Consultants.

He helps organizations improve their outcomes through customer-world-led thinking where great CX practice creates betterment for all involved; customers, employees, communities, society, and shareholders.

Tulio Milman is an international, recognized business storytelling expert and adviser with a journalism degree, Marketing in Barcelona, and specializations from Wharton. As a journalist, Tulio interviewed top business leaders and Nobel prize winners throughout his career as an international journalist.

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