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As the European Customer Experience Organization (ECXO), we are building a community of leaders and organizations, operating in Europe and beyond, that are interested in improving both their customer and employee experience.

To help us achieve that we are building an online (web and app-based) community that is centred around the sharing of knowledge, best practice, insights, stories and lessons via a curated community content calendar, a series of virtual and physical events (webinars, discussion groups) and the provision of an education program and learning initiatives.

As conditions allow, we will also extend these activities to include offline events including but not limited to regional conferences, roundtables and local meet-ups and networking events.

It’s important to note that while the community’s meta-language is English, we actively encourage discussions and the sharing of content in different languages. To facilitate that we have done two things:

  1. We have created country-focused spaces within the community platform; and
  2. We have identified and enrolled a series of country-focused Ambassadors to establish, nurture and develop those country networks.

These two things, we believe, will make our community more open, inclusive and richer in terms of the range of insight that is available to our members.

The development of our community will be aided and guided by our Country Ambassadors across 17 European countries and continuously growing. They represent some of the keenest and most experienced individuals operating in the experience space in Europe.

To give you a flavour of their calibre they have advised and worked for companies such as ABB, Amdocs, Apple, Claro, Costa Coffee, Ericsson, EY Advisory, Freshworks, Hapag Lloyd, Intel, Lufthansa Group, Mazda, Jaguar Landrover, McKinsey & Co, Munich Re, MW Group, Oracle, Orange, Pega, Philips, Saint Gobain, Samsung, SAP, Shell, SK Telecom, Spring Corporation, Stihl, Trumpf, Unilever, Vodafone, VW, Zurich Insurance Group as well as many smaller and medium-sized organizations.

As a result, our plans and community will provide an excellent platform for a set of pioneering sponsors to raise their profile and position their brand to our captive audience through a range of sponsorship packages and potential tailored packages.

Get in touch with us if you would like to discuss how you could take advantage of ECXO’s platform to promote your business and reach out to these individuals and companies.


You are likely to be...

  • A vendor (consultancy, agency, tech vendor, BPO…) that is active in the experience domain.
  • Active within Europe and beyond our region with a desire to engage with professionals and brands that are also active in the European experience space.
  • Interested in building your brand’s exposure across Europe.
  • Keen to share proprietary research with the ECXO community or to consult the ECXO community to help develop new research.
  • Interested in sponsoring our platform, online and offline ECXO community events at a local or international level.
  • Aligned with the ECXO’s values and community guidelines.
  • We are searching for sponsors to evolve and grow together.

What you will get...

  • The opportunity to build the brand of your organization in the European experience domain.
  • Access to information and data that provides insight into the European CX community and marketplace.
  • The ability to participate in curated and facilitated discussions and events.
  • To share assets such as white papers, reports, case studies, or on-demand webinars for ECXO to promote as a feature for the community.
  • Brand advertising opportunities.
  • Help with shaping your message and, if appropriate, your go to market strategy.
  • We have three unique sponsoring packages, events, research, associated brands and more.


Available for eight companies
  • Your logo in our front page
  • Your logo in our events, online and physical
  • Free access for our open community

And a few more benefits


Available for six companies
  • All of the Silver benefits plus:
  • Your logo in our associated brands page
  • Special discounted prices for your employees
  • Participating in our events, webinars, round tables events.


Available for five companies
  • All the Gold benefits plus:
  • Your 2 panellists in our events and much more benefits and  two top executives in our ambassadors team, and meetings to help us drive the future of CX
  • Potential conjoint research initiatives


Want to know more? Contact us.
  • Collaborative research in one or all ECXO represented countries for unique market insights
  • Research is promoted on the ECXO website, your website, social media, translated for languages of interest to be agreed between our organizations.

Our First two Gold and Platinum Sponsors will tailor their packages with us.

Want to Learn more?

If you would like to explore sponsorship opportunities then please get in touch with us using the form below. We will be in touch with you shortly to discuss the best options for your brand and your ambitions.

If you have any questions concerning membership or the community then please get in touch with us here.

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