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Experience the Difference

The ECXO (European Customer Experience Organisation) seeks to bring together leaders and organisations, operating in Europe and beyond. The ambition is for these progress types to share knowledge, best practice, insights, stories and lessons with a view to raising the collective experience standards and develop the European approach for Customer Experience.In this podcast series we meet the founder, the ambassadors and the members of the ECXO. We hear their stories through CX and their views on the importance in recognising and celebrating the cultural difference of CX across Europe.

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Experience the Difference - Irina Mostovaya - How to succeed with B2B CX

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Irina Mostovaya: With over 8 years of experience in customer and employee experience management, Irina Mostovaya is a passionate professional who thrives on creating value for both internal and external stakeholders. She currently works as a Customer Experience Specialist at Hiab, a global leader in on-road load handling solutions. In her role, Irina is responsible for the customer experience strategic planning and development, aiming at enabling data-driven decision making and action planning in the area of CX. Throughout her career, she has successfully launched and managed experience management programs for customers and employees, collaborating with cross-functional teams, vendors, and senior leaders to implement actions aimed at improving the overall experience.
Irina is always eager to learn new skills, share best practices, and contribute to the community of CX and EX enthusiasts. Her goal is to drive transformation and innovation in the field of experience management and help Hiab achieve its vision of being the number one partner for smarter cargo handling.

Episode 9 : ECXO - Experience the Difference - Nicolette Wuring - Cultivating the right environment for CX

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About Nicolette:  Nicolette shares what years of practice both client side and as a consultant have taught her. And like all the best CXers she’s happy to share it all in conversation with the ECXO podcast host, Christopher Brooks.  They discuss the importance within a workplace to nurture and grow the focus on the customer to achieve more with colleagues and for customers.

About ECXO: The ECXO aims to bring you expert voices from across Europe, sharing their stories to inform and inspire others facing similar challenges. In this episode we look at how to succeed with B2B CX. With present experience in manufacturing as well as previously companies who sell direct to consumers Irina Mostovaya, Customer Experience Specialist from Finland shares the learnings made operating in B2B CX. In conversation with host Christopher Brooks, also a B2B CX specialist they cover a range of topics such as the different approach needed to gain feedback from customers, the importance of functional partners within the business and how to measure progress and contribution from CX. 

As a community committed to the differences CX experiences in Europe compared to other continents, they also discuss the importance and relevance of the ECXO creating a sharing platform for CX practitioners across Europe.

Episode 8 : Measuring Emotional Drivers

Anne-Laure de Broissia
In the ‘Experience the Difference’ podcast series from the European Customer Experience Organisation, we bring emerging talent to the spotlight, as well as share views from established thinkers. Recognising the importance of diversity in CX, we share a wide perspective of insights, ideas and new initiatives. In this episode, show host Christopher Brooks, catches up with Anne-Laure de Broissia. Based in Paris, France Anne-Laure is co-founder of emotional driver platform Maia- BE. As a former researcher, Anne-Laure shares how an engagement with a client in the luxury brand market highlighted the limitations of conventional measures of CX which inspired her to develop a solution the client could not only use but take the findings and action. To hear anne-Laure’s journey, the impact Maia-BE is making in the world of CX and how the ECXO is supporting that journey, download the podcast.

Episode 7 : The Power of Customer Journey

Danny Peters

Danny Peters is the co-founder and CEO of MilkyMap. He has spent his career rocketing to where he is now with a fundamental truth driving him; customer journey mapping is limited without a management structure to drive insights through to delivered change.

In discussion with EXCO podcast host Christopher Brooks, Danny shares how evolving from a backlog of business directed to customer led only improvements is possible with the right approach to customer journey management. Danny also helps us understand the value a technology solution such as Milkymap, to manage customer journeys through the business.

In conversation Danny also applauds the ECXO for bringing together progressive minds to share and develop new ideas and solutions in CX.

Episode 6 : The importance of clear job profiles in CX

In this episode, Agneiszka Sulicka-Faverey shares her views on the growing confusion created across customer experience through poor role profile and job title labelling. As a CX practitioner with many years of experience for organisations in Poland and beyond, Agneiszka is well placed to discuss views on this with the ‘Experience the Difference’ podcast hosted by Global CX Expert and ECXO podcast host, Christopher Brooks. Join them for a bite sized discussion covering importance of collaboration across CX to raise standards and why Agneiszka values being in the ECXO community.

Episode 5 : There is no such thing as a digital experience


Finland may not be the first country you think of when you consider Customer Experience. But why not? The dynamics of a nation can often accelerate the importance of CX as part of the buying criteria. Kari, has been practising CX in service of organisations in Finland, and now beyond, for many years.

He has made many observations, often reported in articles and when invited to share with audiences. One particular topic he has an interesting perspective which will resonate with anyone who has been pushed through a digital transformation is the notion of a digital experience is a misnomer.

Join us in conversation with ECXO Ambassador, Christopher Brooks, hosting the Experience the Difference podcast series with members of the ECXO community. In this episode Kari explains both the dependence on humans commitment to achieve any transformation. Plus we explore the reality that even with a digital experience the support or interface with a human experience is essential for success.

Episode 4 : The democratisation of customer intelligence


In the latest episode of Experience the Difference, the ECXO’s podcast we speak with Federico Cesconi, a recognised leader in customer intelligence. As the CEO and Founder of AI powered CXM solution, Sandsiv, Federico has established his reputation as a world authority on customer feedback. 

Having worked on his first NPS programme two decades ago, Federico has harnessed technology to assist clients across the globe get closer to customer intelligence. But collection and action are very different elements of keeping the voice of the customer central in a organisation. Federico discusses the difference and how to move from collection to action.

In conversation with ECXO’s podcast host global CX specialist, Christopher Brooks, Federico shares his wealth of experience on how it’s possible to empower all to make decisions on behalf of the customer. As well as the value of connecting to a CX community motivated to raise sector standards. 

Episode 3 : The Human Impact of Digitisation

In discussion with global CX consultant, Ladislau Batahla, EXCO podcast host Christopher Brooks explores the impact the race to digitising the customer experience has on the employees involved. Originating from Portugal, Ladislau’s international experiences qualify his perspective, sharing considerations for those driving digital improvements to remember both the effect on those displaced, but also the increased complexity humans have to manage as digital equivalents tyically take on just the simple tasks. Ladislau Batalha is a committed to progressing the standards in customer experience. As a member of the ECXO his contribution is making a difference.

Episode 2 : 'Shifting' to becoming a customer led company

Kirsti Podcast
At the ECXO we progress the importance of context, country and culture in customer experience. The one size fits all model is outdated in Europe, as local adaptions are required by country. This makes for a fascinating and diverse learning in customer experience. The ‘Experience the Difference’ podcast brings voices from across Europe to the microphone to share their perspective, influenced by their origin and places of practice. In this episode we introduce Kirsti Laasio, a leading CX practitioner in Finland, member of ECXO and author of the b2b CX guide. Kirsti shares her experience of ‘shifting’ organisations to become more customer led in their approach to grow beyond domestic boundaries. Hosted by Christopher Brooks

Episode 1 : Context in CX

Thomas Wieberneit
Thomas Wieberneit has travelled extensively; by geography, industry and roles in CX. This vantage point has allowed him to observe that there is no ‘one size fits all’ in CX. In fact, the experience isn’t even the organisations to own, as he put it to ECXO podcast host, Christopher Brooks. 

To paraphrase Thomas, the customers context is ‘king’. Whether the time of day, the previous experience, the importance of the purchase or a number of other factors, they all influence the type of experience which will fulfil the customer, which change from one day to the next, because of context. If you thought you knew how to get CX right, Thomas will make you think again.