Join us at the European Customer Experience Organization event featuring a captivating presentation by Ilenia Vidili on “From Products to People: Pioneering a customer-centric Culture for business success!” 🚀🎉

📅 Date: October 5th ⏰ Time: 2:00 PM CET

🔥 What’s in store for you: ✨ Break old paradigms holding organizations to a product-centric mindset. ✨ Embrace change to foster a culture of innovation, adaptability, and customer-focused solutions. ✨ Discover the shift from a product-centric approach to a customer-centric mindset – a transformation that requires attention, resilience, and revolutionizing how we understand and serve customers.

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🌍 Explore how a customer-centric culture should infiltrate every facet of an organization, from leadership to frontline staff. Customers aren’t just transactions; they’re individuals with unique preferences, emotions, and aspirations. Learn how to infuse empathy into operations to understand customers and build stronger relationships.

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🌟 About Ilenia: 🔗 Learn more about Ilenia, a Customer Centricity Advisor, Keynote Speaker, and Author. Her mission is to empower businesses to gain a competitive edge through customer-centric strategies. She helps shift mindsets, streamline processes, and create more value for customers. Check out her book “Journey to Centricity”:

🎤 Hosted by Ricardo Saltz Gulko, the co-founder of ECXO, who will facilitate the insightful presentation by Ilenia.

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🕒 Save the Date: Oct 5, 2023 – 02:00 PM (Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna timezone)

Join us for an enlightening session that promises to transform your approach to customer experience! 🌈🚀 #CustomerExperience #BusinessSuccess #CXTransformation