We seek to bring together leaders and organisations, operating in Europe and beyond, so that they can share knowledge, best practice, insights, stories and lessons with a view to raising the collective experience and develop the European approach for Customer Experience.


Mission Statement

We believe this can be best achieved, in the first instance, through the creation of an online, open and free, professional, social network where members, stimulated by curated experts and facilitated discussion, can work together to solve existing and future CX challenges in a practical and straight forward manner.

Over time and as conditions allow we will evolve the online activity to include offline events, education programs and other ideas that are emerging. We would like also to hear your ideas.



Our first priority is to build a strong European community. Beyond that we will look to open up and develop relationships with people and organisations from further afield

  • This is about community and an evolving association. That’s all. Everything we do is for your benefit.
  • All are welcome and we will fight to make sure that everyone has a voice, everyone is represented and that everyone can be heard.
  • Come to learn, come to help, come to build understanding, come to contribute.
  • Build relationships. Don’t sell. Selling is not allowed and not welcome.
  • Act responsibly. Be professional. Be helpful. Look after each other.
  • If you see something you don’t like then let us know.
  • Your data is your data. We will protect your data as if our lives depend on it. We will only use data to provide insights into how to better run the community. We don’t sell data to advertisers.
  • We believe in quality over quantity.


Our objectives are:
  • To create a community of leaders and organisations, operating in Europe, that are interested in improving their customers experience
  • To share knowledge, best practice, insights, stories and lessons with a view to raising the collective customer and employee experience across Europe.
  • To help businesses understand how they can generate growth by enhancing their customer and employee experience
  • To promote the value of becoming a more human centric organizations and an understanding of how to achieve that
  • To nurture a mindset of customer and employee excellence across European Community countries
  • To improve the overall level of understanding and education in the domain of customer and employee experience through the provision of courses and learning initiatives.

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